Byafossen IL

Medals 2019:
(Slutspel C)
2017: 1
Byafossen IL was one of 103 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Storsjöcupen 2019. The team in Pojkar 11 made it to the the in Gruppspel, but lost it against Frösö IF Svart by 0-5.

In addition to this, Byafossen IL have participated in Storsjöcupen before. During Storsjöcupen 2018, Byafossen had three teams playing in Pojkar 11, Pojkar 12 and Flickor 12 respectively. The team in Flickor 12 made it to the the 1/8 Final in Slutspel A, but lost it against Heimdal FK by 0-1.

Byafossen comes from Steinkjer which lies approximately 180 km from Östersund, where Storsjöcupen takes place. The area around Steinkjer does also provide 25 additional clubs participating during Storsjöcupen 2019 (Among others: Egge IL, Steinkjer FK, Beitstad FK, Vuku IL, Verdal IL, Sörlia IL, Inderöy IL, Namdalseid IL, Sparbu IL and Vinne IL).

13 games played


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