Fair Games

For us at Storsjöcupen, Fairgame and its meaning have always been important. A work that is reflected in our three member associations. But the importance of its meaning is a work that must never stop and that must never be silenced. That is why we have taken a lot of care about what the term means to us.

We adults carry a responsibility, whether we are on the spot as a spectator or supporter, leader or coach, parent, or we as organizers. That our players should feel joy, community and security. That we give them the conditions to exercise on their terms.

We are going to make some changes this year to better strive for clarity for you as a visitor. This year you as a leader will have to sign an agreement in which you say yes to what is obvious to us. You who live in our schools will take part of the document in place, others get these through your own associations for subscription.

Some of the differences we make are that the plan hosts this year will be senior people. These are specially selected and trained to best give you as guests the best conditions for wonderful matches. We will "dress" our referees more than before, that they are given clear information from our side what applies and what support they have from us.

In conclusion, I would like to remind your leaders that Fairgame also applies off the pitch. Together with the other staff from the cup, I will do everything we can to make you feel joy and focus on football.

Warm welcome.